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Is the buyer qualified?

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The highest offer isn't always the best

Price may be the most important factor when deciding whether to accept a buyer's offer for your home, but it's not the only one. Here are some other considerations:

Do you have the time?...
If you need to close as soon as possible-or if your circumstances require a later date-you may prefer an offer from a buyer that matches your time frame to one that's a little higher but inconvenient.

Does it depend on factors outside your control?
A purchase offer contingent on the buyer successfully selling her home first may not be as attractive as one without a contingency clause.

The less you know about whether a buyer can get a loan for your home, the higher the risk of the transaction falling through. A buyer who shows that he has been preapproved for a loan is less likely to have problems following through with the purchase.

Do you have to jump through hoops?
Buyers may ask for appliances or furnishings to be included in the sale. They could request that you make certain repairs. They might even ask you to pay some costs typically paid by buyers. Each request such as these makes the offer price a little less valuable.